The on-line store, was formed in 2004 by Roome Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of high efficiency filters for the medical, cleanroom, aerospace and room air purifier industries. With over 30 years of experience in design and development of filters for similar applications, Roome Technologies saw a need for a quality source of HEPA filters for use in residential and commercial air purifiers.

   After receiving many calls inquiring about purchasing filters, whether discontinued, hard to find or as an alternate to the original manufacture's filters, we decided to manufacture the filters on this website. Our filters are made using only the highest quality materials. The same materials we use to make our other medical and aerospace products. Our designs use materials that have been proven to be odor free.

   If we found ways to improve on the performance of the filter, we incorporated the changes and tested the filters to insure the performance of the room air purifier would not be reduced. 

   As a purchaser of our filters, you can save money buying direct from without a distributor mark-up.

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